amainiyaamainiya1DEMtheretherethereAho, oyagi hewana yai wa, amaniya ya miyamiya.Now then, up in the top of that tree, there's where he was living.ov. synamaite'i 1ov. synainiya 1ov. synov. synaite'i2advthenthenthen3advafterwardsafterwardsafterwards4advafter thatafter thatafter thatNa amainiya, hababim, andabu sa fatubu. Edi andabu somo wasiwasina.After that, then, they begin their abstinence, their tabooed items are things with blood.antamaite'i 1antaite'iov. syn5advfrom therefrom there6advtherethere7advthere,there,

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