ho'owan1water; drinking waterNa um u lau ho'owa ada u yahi.But you go and dip up our water.ov. synalita 2alita 2alita 2alita 2gabogabo 1ho'owa 31.3Water2river1.3.1.3River3stream; riveregu pidu yo galasi E abidi, na E lau, be egu galasi hola ho'owa yai E kaisu.I took my goggles and my fishing spear, and I went, and then I just washed my goggles in the water.Fresh water, as compared to saltwater.ov. synalita 2ho'owa 14creek5streams6watercomp.fanom~ho'owadiVtrwater them, cause them to drink waterder.fanom~ho'owadiVtrwater them, cause them to drink waterunspec. comp. formaba puipuisulima, ho'owa ediNPsprings of water, their sourcesplaces where water springs upHo'owa WegulaniNPWegulani River

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