magesubumagesubun1eagleeagleMagesubu - Eagle Buluhagalagala, Kalitabu, Guyuwa, yo Magesubu sa wasabuwedi be sa lau afuleda.Buluhagalagala, Giant Clam, Octopus, and Eagle frightened them, and so they abandoned us.Magesubu, yau am taumoho logegu, ite. Um somo yai?Eagle, I am your enemy, right here. Where are you?2eagleseagleseaglesMagesubu sa adidili; sa hwaya lidi feufeula be adi ban sa tohaidi, sa andi. Eagles are strong, and they swoop down swiftly to capture their prey, and eat it.3Eagle speciesEagle speciesEagle species4Crested Hawk??Crested Hawk??Crested Hawk??5MagesubuMagesubuMagesubuMagesubu is the name of a character in the Buluhagalagala story.6EagleEagleEagleCapitalized when used as the name of a character in a story.7Magesubu - EagleMagesubu - Eagle

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