fuyo2fuyo1Vingo (to)go (to)go, toYa sae Dafun yai, sa fati'oi, ediba, "Hine wa fuyo?"She went up to Dahuni, and they questioned her and said, "Where are you going?"Haba ai yauli hobahoba am paisowa; ibe hige siya u fuyo, u lau hewa.What you do is roost on the ground; you wouldn't be able to go there, and go up high.ov. synboda2fiyo1 1ov. synfiyo1 12Vingo back (to)go back (to)go back, to3Vinreturn (to)return (to)return, toHige'e, na sa fuyo, sa wewe-boda.No, they went back, and spread out their net again.Yo fede, waihin wa ya gayo ya fuyo eee--, gelegele yai. Sa yoga fuyo lisina, Itebom,And so the woman [waded] back across, until she reached the beach. And they called back to her, and said,ov. synfiyo1 14vdreturn it to you (to)return it to you (to)return it to you, toUsed in compounds.5Vinagain, to doagain, to doagain, to do

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