boga2bogan1bellybellybelly2familyfamilyfamilyTaumoho, tau tuwaha mate ana boga haba in tau foyahina. The male who is the older brother is the one who is the leader of his family.3lineagelineagelineage4family line (ones)family line (ones)family line, ones5ancestorsancestorsancestors6descendantsdescendantsdescendantsagu bogamy family lineNowa ma'ana boga, yo suisui tinabawa yo tamowana mahudo'idi sa luhu lau waga ganahewana yai.Noah went inside the boat with his family, and with all of the animals, female and male.U fuyo em nu'u am boga lisidi be Guyau somo la'i ya ginauli enehem, yo ena gadosisi la'ina lisim yai enehedi u liba.Go back to your region to your family and then tell about what the Lord did for you, and tell them about his great love to you.

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