loholoho1Vin1good (to be)2good (to feel)3all right (to be)4good looking (to be)Tamagu, tinagu, hoifini loholohona, i loloho alili.Father, Mother, a beautiful woman. She is very beautiful.Be good looking (have a pleasing appearance).5beautiful (to be)6well (to be)7good (ethical and morally) (to be)8good feeling (in mind and emotions) (to have)Yo sa fatubu ibodi sa lau Leileiyafa yo Bolowai yo Cecil nuwana ya loholoho.And on their own they went to Leileiyafa and Bolowai, and Cecil felt good in his heart.9good outcome (to have)I, natugu, ya loholoho. Na esega moho mate Magesubu, hola otawaYes my child, it is good, but there is one more, Magesubu; he still remains.10feeling good in heath (to be)Tinagu yo tamagu, yau ma nanatugu ӥ loholoho, paԡna Eaubada maԥmai,My mother and my father, I along with my children are all well, because God is with us.na nuwana ganahewana yai iyen, "Ibe ena leli moho E abi'ina, haba E loholoho."and in her mind she said, If I only touch his clothing, I will become well."Makai! Ma luwaga, na ana asiyebo ya ulu, be ya loholoho.At once [lit: with two], and his sickness came to a head, and he was well.11well in health (to feel)comp.amnagu ya loholoho3VinI feel goodnuwana ya loholohoCLfeel good in ones mind (to)feel good in ones heart (to)unspec. comp. formfaloholohomVtrbless you.sg (to)heal you.sg (to)

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