ginauli1Vtr1make something (to)Guigui yai mate, haufata sa ginaulidi, be wawahin haba salai edi aba fafa'andi.In the back they make their platforms, so the women will have a place to feed the pigs.Ai gabogabo nu'udi ena nohi ya ginaulidi. Katinona kiukiu.They make their nests in the region by the sea. Their eggs are small.2do something (to)3establish something (to)Edi "tim" sa ginauli, be sa lau dodoga nuwadi sa buidi,They established a team and they went[forth] to bring people's hearts to repentance.4prepare something (to)Na natuna kuluna ana ma'i ya ginauli.But she made his coconut oil for her baby's head.5make it, to6do it, to7make (to)3s: ginauli, 3p: ginaulidi

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