Buhutu - English


ta1tasmIR1let us (hortatory)let us (hortatory)let us (hortatory)Bena te nuwanuwatuhu komakoman ena doga hesa ena ginauli te ita, tabu ta ai'aiheya'en o ta angafuhi.We should think carefully, when we see something belonging to someone else, let us not play with it nor do we steal it.Au laoma be au saguhigu, be ta gana-buluhi.You come and you help me, and so let'sl block it off by [finishing] the fence.2we.exclwe.excl
ta2taDEMthis onethis one
ta goBB oftawa1DA oftawa1
ta'ai~bigabigata'ai~bigabigaVinsit down (to)sit down (to)sit down, toNa habahim ya taꞌai~bigabiga waga yai, na baiwa ya faꞌatadi.And then he sat down in the boat and he taught the crowd.
ta'ai~mulimuliyenta'ai~mulimuliyen1turn ones back on someone (to)turn ones back on someone (to)turn ones back on someone, to2sit behid someone, reject someonesit behid someone, reject someonesit behid someone, reject someoneIsalaela Yaubada sa ta'ai mulimuliyen. Sa lau'u'ula lau, Kanana edi oitau lisidi.The Israelites turned their backs on God, they prayed to the idols of the Canaanites.
ta'ata'aita'ata'aiVinsitting (to be)sitting (to be)sitting, to be
ta'ata'ai~gadanta'ata'ai~gadanVtrsit guarding someone (to be)sit guarding someone (to be)sit guarding someone, to beAfa'efana wasana sa atahiyen, sa lau bena sa ta'ata'ai~gadan,His relatives heard the report about him and they went to sit and guard him
ta'i'ililofolofo~ta'i'ilicomp.gabu ta'i'ili2burn around something, to
ta'ita'i'ilita'ita'i'iliVincircle around (to)circle around (to)circle around (to)
ta'owawata'owawa1nforeignerforeignerforeignerEna abi'abimai doha ai ta'owawaHis treatment (ways of doing) toward us is like we are foreigners.ov. syndimdim 1laolaoma22one who is ignorant of our ways and does not know what to do when.one who is ignorant of our ways and does not know what to do when.gentile
ta'owawa nu'udita'owawa nu'udi1foreign regionsforeign regionsforeign regions2gentile regionsgentile regionsgentile regions