Buhutu - English


-n1nVtr1himhimhim2herherher3ititit4about himabout himabout him
-n2n1vdto himto himto him2vdto herto herto her3vdto itto itto it4PNAat himat him
nanaCONJ1andandandWalahisa esega E gwali, na walahisa wa ya pito.I speared one prawn, and the prawn jumped.2butbutbutYo fede, ginauli wa ya hasaema, na nenena hige ya ita.And then the thing came up, but I did not see its form.Buka ӥ bui, na usa ea ota~esegahi. yo borowada ya wewe-esegahi hinaga be hige ai paipaisoa,We translate the Book, but the rains have held on, and the floods have continued also, se we are not working.3nownownowov. synma-2 1yo3 1be 1o24ansans
-nana1nhishishis2nherherher3nitsitsits4nhis; her; its (kinship relationship)his; her; its (kinship relationship)his; her; its (kinship relation)5nhis, her, its (body part)his, her, its (body part)his, her, its (body part)6nhis; her; its (part-whole relationship)his; her; its (part-whole relationship)his; her; its (part-whole relationship)7nhis; her; its (other closely associated inalienable relationship)his; her; its (other closely associated inalienable relationship)his; her; its; (other closely associated inalienbable relationship)8Vtrhimhimhim9Vtrherherher10Vtrititit11vdto himto himto him12vdto herto herto her13vdto itto itto it14adjhishishis15adjherherher16nhimhimhim17adjitsitsits18EPChis, her, itshis, her, itshis, her, its19EPCitsitsits20GPChis, her, itshis, her, itshis, her, its21Qitsitsits
nabalanabalan1bush cherry treebush cherry treebush cherry tree2cherry tree species cherry tree species cherry tree speciesA bush cherry tree whose small fruit is edible and which makes good jam. The seeds are cling stone, and cannot be removed easily until the fruit is cooked. Color of fruit ranges from light red to dark purple, they grow in clusters, and they are oval in shape.
nabu'a1nabu'aSUnabu'a2BHwau'oya1n1obsidian knifeobsidian knifeobsidian knife2knife made of obsidianknife made of obsidianknife, made of obsidian3stone knifestone knifestone knifeEna wau'oya e nabu'a ya tami ya ofi, ana alima yai ya fa'afi.He finished chipping his obsidian knife, and tucked it into his armband.
nadulinadunadulidirustling noise (their)noise of passing
nafonafontree speciestree speciestree speciesA kind of tree with big leaves
nahatau nahaones who lie in ambush
nahalidinahalidin1short timeshort timeshort timeNahalidi maihala ya sina bwa'ibwa'i mate, ho'owa sa tiwa palapa. When for a short time the sun shines first, then the water really recedes.2quicklyquicklyquicklyO, nahalidi yai hige ya an feufeulai, na E fafa'ota.Oh, would that I had eaten him quickly before, but I was caused to wait.
nahi~fwaufwaunahi~fwaufwauVin1newly married (to be)newly married (to be)newly married, to beTaumoho ya nahi~fwaufwau, ibege i andabu yena hola maidadi. A man who is newly married, will never fast when his companions are with him.2newywed (to be)newywed (to be)newlywed, to be
nahinahinahinahinmarried personmarried personmarried personTabu nahinahi ma'em au eno~bili.Don's have sexual relations (sleep with) a married person.
nakanakanakanakanplatformplatformplatformNakanaka yai ya obiyo, na enaba,He stood up on a platform and said,
nalananalanan??????Atipuna na nalana mate 'wapina ya susu be doha fakounaAs for the trunk and the ____, the bark grows and becomes like a covering
naleinaleinyam varietyyam varietyyam varietyNohina mate: wa'ali, walabu, asai, kanuwa, imo, kapoi, nalei, yo an'an ou'ouli ya nohi, edi gabu ganahewana yai.In its lair it stores sugar cane, pitpit, sweet potatoess, taro, various kinds of yams, and many kinds of food, there in the middle of their garden.Kapoi is the common term for ordinary yams. Nalei is another, often favorewd variety.antkanuwa 1ov. synkapoi 2kapoi 1ov. synkanuwa 2kapoi 1ov. syndefolelikapoi 1
naliannali funuhidimoꞌadi sa nali~didinidiannalibiting habitually (to be)biter, (to be a)annalinidibite them (specifically) and habitually (to)
nalunalunsnake species which has not been identified in English.snake species which has not been identified in English.snake species