Buhutu - English


-m11Vtrsfxyou.sg2vdsfxto you.sg3IPCyour.sg4EPCyour.sg5GPCyour.sgder.nahanahaimVtrlying in wait for you, to beambushing you, to becont.nahanahaimVtrlying in wait for you, to beambushing you, to be
-m2nsfx1your.sg2your.sg (kinship relationship)3your.sg (body part)4your.sg (part-whole relationship)5your.sg (other closely associated inalienable relationship)1s: -gu, 2s: -m, 3s: -na, 1pIN: -da, 1pEX: -mai, 2p: -miu, 3p: -di
mainterj1here!2well now!Sa fati'o, "Ma!" itebom, "Oyagi sa talaimiu e hige?" Ayawa, "Hige'e."They questioned us and said, Here now! Did the trees hit you or not." We said, "They didn't."3Look!
ma-11n > npfxwith2n > npfxalong with3n > npfxhaving4n > npfxandAtai'a te ma pilipilidaina.This bird has it's own storyov. synbe 1ma-2 1o25COMlook at that6COMwithcomp.tatau mai~nahinahiNPmarried men
ma-21pfxin onesov. synbe 1be 1be 1be 1be 1be 1ma-1 4mulina yai 5na 3o1o2o2o2o2o2yena2 22pfxwith onesmakiukiuguwhen I was small/with my smallnessder.ma kiukiugu2COMwhen I was smallma kofakofaguCOMin my nakednessma wawayagu1when I was a child
ma=1COMwith2interjherecomp.fahala~maluwagaVtrmake double payment, tofalamo~fa'adidili maluwaga.Vtrmix it double strength, tomatana ma falafalalanaNPeyes being open, onesder.fahala~maluwagaVtrmake double payment, tofalamo~fa'adidili maluwaga.Vtrmix it double strength, toma fakaudiCOMignorance of them, withmakalakalasinaCOMopened, beingmaluwaga3COMliterally: at two, but meaning 'at once, immediately.'maluwaga3COMliterally: at two, but meaning 'at once, immediately.'maluwaga2COMat oncemaluwaga1COMtimes twodoublemaluwaga2COMat oncemamatadiCOMbefore their eyesmatana ma falafalalanaNPeyes being open, onesid.matana ma falafalalanaNPeyes being open, onesunspec. comp. formfalamo~fa'adidili maluwaga.Vtrmix it double strength, togwagwana, maCOMboilinghola ma kamukamumunaCOMstill darkma nuwanuwasupunaEUPHinnocence, in onesma sunumadaCOMwith our.incl hope
-ma1v > vsfxhitherDirectionals: use of the suffix {-ma} indicites hither, or toward orientation of speaker. Use of the suffix {-wa} indicates thither, or away from the orientaiton of the speaker.der.feulamaVincome hither quickly (to)unspec. comp. formaba puipuisulima, ho'owa ediNPsprings of water, their sourcesplaces where water springs up
ma adidilim1comp. ofadidili4with your strength
ma adidilim2NPwith your strengthLa'ila'i wananahana mate, 'Isalaela au ata'atahi! Guyau in ibona eda Yaubada, yo bena ma nuwa ofifahim, em nuwatuhu mahudo'ina yo ma adidilim Yaubada u gadosisiyen.The truly big one is, 'Listen, people of Israel, The Lord alone is our God, and we shoiuld love him with our complete mind, with all of our thinking, and with our strength.
ma adidilimiuadpwith your strengthMa~nuwamiu, yo yaluwamiu ma~ofi~fahidi, yo ma~adidilimiu. Guyau emi Yaubada au gadosisiyen.With your minds ans with your whole spirits, and with your strength, lov the Lord your God
ma afa haidadiCOMwith their companionsMata'asi ganahewana yai mate, nu'u hesa haba ma afa haidadi nu'u hesa dodogadi haba sa falife.During the feast, people of one region, along with their companions, will compete with (??) people from another area.
ma afa tatasinaCOMwith her yunger siblings
ma afusanaadpwith dust, with ashesAm kalahe, haba ma~afusana wa an~esegahi, fuya ou'ouli.You will eat your food together with dust, all of the time.
ma alu~babadanaNPwith great forceHaba ho'owa ma~alu~babadana ya didima,The water will flow out with great force.
ma alubabadanan1energetically??2haivng a strong pulse?Ibwau mate in mulimulitana. Ya lau eee--, ma alubabadana ya dago lidi waga yai.Rat was last. He went and made a mighty leap and jumped down into the boat.
ma anyawasimiuunspec. var.anyawasi1COMresting, with your.plHola ma eno'enomiu yo ma anyawasimiu?You are still sleeping and resting?
ma baibainetinaPPwith his swordGUYAU ena anelu ya ita ma~baibainetina ya obi'obiyo eda'eda yai.He saw the angel of the Lord with his sword stasnding on the road.
ma bolunaCOMplenty of
ma daludalu~beleleidiCOMforcing them, by Idipi dodogadi fayofayo tanuwagadi sa fa'obiyodi be haba Isalaela fayofayo yai sa fakamna~heyayadi ma daludalu~beleleidi.The Egyptians set up slave-masters so that they caused the Israelites to suffer in slavery, by forcing them (or being harsh to them?}
ma eno'enomiuCOMsleepiness, with your.plHola ma eno'enomiu yo ma anyawasimiu? You are still sleeping and resting?
ma esega1with thatov. synma esega 5maluwaga2der. ofma=luwagamaluwaga2der. ofma=luwagamaluwaga3der. ofma=luwaga2immediately3at the same time4at onceMa'esega mate, adi ya'oya'o mahudo'ina ya ofi. Abi'abina ese'esegana doha: an'oi yo uma.Wth that all of their garden clearing was finished. The one-time activity was like this: striking [down] and planting.Na ma esega natuna wa ya abi lidi.But all at once the child reached down.5simultaneouslyMa'esegana, na amnana ya loholoho fuyo, yo fede, ya tasi 'obiyo.At the same time, he felt better again, and so, he got up again.ov. synma esega 1maluwaga2der. ofma=luwagaAlso {ma'esegana}.
ma faihona1with three2three at the same timeemi wasa begana doha ite, ai ema paisoa mate, ma faihona moho ӥ paisowa.A bit of your news is like this, in regard to our work, we are just working in three places.