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galin1hole2holes3caveBuhutu dodogadi adi ulutubu mate Buhutu Oyadi yai sa gogogo. Iti mate "Ume'ehu Galidi yai Tau Miya."The ancestors of the Buhutu people lived in the mountains and were "The Ones Who Lived in Holes in the Rocks (Caves){gali} is "hole," but also another word for "cave." See also {duyufi}.
Gali LofalofaNPdeep hole, AbyssYesu sa anꞌetai, tabu i fatamali~lawedi ai Gali Lofalofa, be haba ainiya ti panisidiThey begged Jesus to not put them into the Deep Hole (Abyss) where they would be punished.
galidinholes, their
Galilin1GalileeFuyana yai Gawana Heloda, Galili Nuꞌuna tau ita~watanina, Yesu wasana ya atahiyen.When Governor Herod was ruling/looking after the Province/region of Galilee, he heard reports about Jesus.2Galili
Galili GabogabonaNP1Sea of GalileeDiyodan Ho'owana yo Galili Gabogabona ganahewana yai mate hama hesa - hesa na sa ouli wananaha.In the Jordan River and Lake Galilee there are various kinds of fish, and they are really plentiful.2Galilee, Sea of3Lake Galilee
galinanholeNa haisa mate sa gela, be sa lau oyagi galina yai, pa'ana ye sigu hige benai dagugugu yai, be sa lau.But as for the others, they fled and went inside a hole in a log, because I did not swim quietly in regard to [making] noise, so they fled away.Oyagi hudo'i galina yai E ti'eti'e, na Tamagu ena liba yai, be E fuyoma.I was peeking over into the hole of a certain tree, but at the word of my Father, then I came back.
galonbruiseFrom Lex-G, 1993, MC
galubwain1snake species, greenGalubwai: Weso Ida'idahena.Galubwai is a green snake. ClanGalubwai is used as a clan totem in Milne Bay Southern Massim groups. The galubwai, a type of green snake,is used as clan identifier for some of the Igola people (originally from the middle of Kakabai Mountain range) and also names a clan or land owners group at Leileiyafa and in other parts of the Buhutu region. The same snake is know in the Tawala area as well an in other "Yaleba"-related groups as verified in the Gamadoudou Sociolinguistics Survey, 1997). namesSee also birds which are clan totem identifiers: Gubalim, Waliliya, Bunebune.comp.Sulu GalubwaiNPGalubwai Clan
GalubwainGalubwaiGalubwai, a proper name used as a clan identifier, named after a kind of green snake. names1.
GamadoudounGamadoudou'E laoma, Gamadoudou yai 'e tulu be'u. ‎And we came to Gamadoudou where we disembarked. Haisa sa abidi be sa lau Gamadoudou sa paisowa na haisa sa lau Balaga (Gumi Wopu na Tefana).They got others and took them to Gamadoudou to work, and others went to Balaga (in the Gumini Bridge area).Gamadoudou is a "Yaleba" village on the south shore of Milne Bay, which also became the headquarters of the Ulabo Timbre Company, and later, other timbre operations.
gana1SUoya1n1fenceNunumai i lau gana. Gana mulinai oyagi ewana yai i finahe, na i itasipoi.Numumai went to the garden, and he climbed up into the top of a tree outside the fence and spied on her.Ama gabu ganana mahudo'ina hola.Our garden fence is still not all done. crops2wallWaihin wa ena luma mate duhu balabalamumu ganana tefana yai.As for the woman, her house was on a secton of the wall of the big town. lau ta paisowa ada gana yai.Let's go work in our garden.{Gana} "fence" is often used for "garden" in Suau.3s ganana
gana2Vinfence in, to
gana buluhiblock by "fencing in" or "blockading"
gana fafata'i'ili1encircles.th. (to)2fence around s.th. (to)Emi pili mate, egu pili sa gana fafata'i'ili, na sa dulu lau lisina.эAs for your bundles (of wheat), they made a 'fence' all around my bundle, and they bowed down to it.
gana fata'i'ilidiVtr1enclose with a wall, toUme'ehu sa katakatandi be taon sa gana fata'i'ilidi bena waiyunu aba gududi. They pile up stones to enclose their towns with walls so they might be a way of blocking off enemies.2fence in, to4encircle with a wall, to
gana panapanenVinsitting down, to beMatiu 5:1
gana~buluhiVtr1block off by "fencing in"2prohibit through movement by blocking off3blockAu laoma be au saguhigu, be ta gana~buluhi.You come and you help me, so we will block it off by [finishing] the fence.4block off someone's movement (to)Itiyen, "I luhu-sae." Yo fede, waga sa gana buluhi.They said "he's coming in." So they blocked in his canoe.
gana~fata'i'iliVtrencircle, surroundSaulo sa gana~fata'i'ili be hiyala ya heyaya~wananahaThey encicled Saul, and then the fight was very bad.
gana~panpanenVinsit down around, toEna tau lau~faꞌata sa gana~panpanen.His disciples sat down around (him).
ganahewan1in2inside3into4insideAho, Alotau 'e lau-'afulen mate, hige ganahewa yai ya ta'ai pa'ana hige bagodu.Now when we left Alotau, I didn't sit inside because there were no waves.5insideE lau gabu yai, na gabu ganahewana yai ginauli hudoԩ ya yoga,I went to the garden, and inside the garden a certain "thing" was calling out.Ya tauyamuhi, yada ganahewana yaihe was hidden inside the clouds.6intoAi muli, wa hin lawedi botolo ganahewadi.Afterwards you pour them into the jars.antganahewana 1ganamulinahewana 1mulina 1sadainaubuna7among
ganahewa yaiPPinside
ganahewadaninside us.incl
ganahewaguninside me