Buhutu - English


aba alasimoaba alasimoNPhiding placehiding placehiding place
aba an'an ginaulidiaba an'an ginaulidiNP1eating utensilseating utensilsutensils for eatingov. synov. synaba laulau bu'a ginaulidi 32@@@@ does this generically include dishes and silverware both??@@@@ does this generically include dishes and silverware both??things used for eatingMulina yai mate haba edi aba laulau bu'a lumana kiukiu sa abi, pa'ana haba aba laulau bu'a ginaulidi yo aba an'an ginaulidi ainiya sa ota na sa fapaisowadi.Afterwards they will then make their little kitchen [place where cooking is done] because the cooking things and the eating things stay there, and they use them [there].ov. syn
aba antala fatubudiaba antala fatubudiNPkilling place of beginning; place where killing begankilling place of beginning; place where killing begankilling, place of its beginningEdi aba antala-fatubudi mate duhu balabalamumu eda'edana yai, ya lau we--, malamala-tete edi an pidipidina yai.The place where they started hitting them was at the gates of the town, and they kept on doing so all the way to the place where they break the rocks.
aba antalasamaba antalasamNPaltar, place for making sacrificesaltar, place for making sacrificesaltar
aba antohaaba antohagerthing for catchingthing for catchingthing for catchingYa ofi mate sa fapaisowa edi bebedula be suwana edi aba antoha. when it is finished they use it as their net so that that it becomes their thing for catching wild pigs.
aba anyawasiaba anyawasiNP1resting placeresting placeresting placeov. synaba eno 4aba eno 1aba laulau eno 1leiyafa 2ov. synaba eno 12place where one restsplace where one restsplace where one rests3holiday locationholiday locationholiday locationov. synaba eno 1
aba bebedulaaba bebedulager1pignetting locationpignetting location2pig net locationpig net location
aba buluaba bulu1nplace where s.th. sinks.place where s.th. sinks.sinking down placeWaga puwapuwa mate, in maihala ena aba bulu yai ya laomaAs for the two hulled canoe, it came from the place where the sun sinks down, i.e. the west].2place of sinkingplace of sinkingmaihala ena aba bulu1comp.bulu21where the sun setsYena ya tole~yada, maihala ena aba bulu yai ami ita, mate nuwamiu haꞌa ya tata, <<Haba usa ya usa.>>When (Implied: the sky) puts out clouds, you.pl see it in the place whre the sun sinks down, and then your.pl minds already unfasten it, <<Rain will rain.>> 2west
aba bwa'i1aba bwa'in1stepsstepssteps2treading placetreading placetreading place3foot treading placefoot treading placefoot treading placeEdi pape'odi mate oyagi esega sa hewa, na haba sa oi pedopedoi, be edi aba bwa'i.For their ladder they set up one log, and then they cut steps, which became the places to put their feet.
aba dawa'unuaba dawa'unuNP1place for doing sorceryplace for doing sorceryplace for doing sorcery 2sorcery placesorcery placesorcery placeMate ni 'aho dodoga 'aya'ayahandi 'edi 'aba dawa'unu.Now then, that is place where the male sorcerers do their sorcery.
aba enoaba enon1place where one lies downplace where one lies downplace where one lies downov. synaba anyawasi 1aba laulau eno 1leiyafa 2ov. synaba anyawasi 3aba anyawasi 12place where one sleepsplace where one sleepsplace where one sleeps3bedbedbed4sleeping matsleeping matsleeping matov. synaba anyawasi 1aba laulau eno 1leiyafa 2
aba fafa'andiaba fafa'andiNPplace for feeding (animals)place for feeding (animals)feeding place for animalsGuigui yai mate, haufata sa ginaulidi, be wawahin haba salai edi aba fafa'andi.In the back they make their platforms, so the women will have a place to feed the pigs.
aba fagofagoiaba fagofagoincontainercontainercontainerpa'ana wain aba fagofagoina haba ya elipulitibecause the wine container will tear apartBena, wain fwaufwau'una aba fagofagoi fwaufwau'una ainiya hinina?Mightn't new wine be poured into a new wine container?be wain yo aba fagoina haba sa heyaya.and then the wine and the container will be bad/spoiled.
aba fagoinaaba fagoinancontainercontainercontainer
aba fatubunaaba fatubunan1starting pointstarting pointstarting point2beginning placebeginning placebeginning placeSikuluna egu aba-fatubuna mate leta yai. . .hola E sikulu.The beginning part of the schooling I just did by letter (correspondence).
aba finafinahe hasa1aba finafinahe hasan1place where one climbs upplace where one climbs up climbing up place2uphill pathuphill pathuphill pathLogena, tatau luwaga sa oi'oiliba ha'a, bena sipo sa ginauli, aba finafinahe hasa yai wa.So then, the two fellows had a discusion, so they might mke a snare at the place where you climb up.ov. synpampe'o 1aba finahe 1aba finafinahe hasa2aba lau leta 1