Buhutu - English


awayagala'enawayagala'enVtr1disobey someone (to)disobey someone (to)disobey someone, to2disobedient to someone (to be)disobedient to someone (to be)disobedient to someone, to beSa awayagala'en, be sa taumayamaya, mate iti ma kofadi.They disobeyed him, and so they were ashamed, (as) they were in their nakedness.SENSE 2 does not seem to be a correct meaning for this passage.
awayagalaidiawayagalaidiVtrdisobey s.o. (to)disobey s.o. (to)disobey s.o. (to)Tau yosigu edi liba E awayagalaidi.I disobeyed the words of the ones who nurtured me.
awaꞌabiyediawaꞌabiyediVtrobey them (to)obey them (to)obey them, toTaudi luwaga mate Yaubada matana yai sa dudulai, alinana yo ena laugagayo sa awaꞌabiyedi. The two of them were right (straight) in God's eyes and they obeyed his voice an his laws.
awaꞌabiyennaawaꞌabiyennagerobeying (its)obeying (its)obeying, itsiti salumadi Yaubada ena wasa tau atahiyena yo tau awaꞌabiyenna!Whoever are the ones who listen to God's word and who obey it.
awaꞌawayagaladiawaꞌawayagaladiawayagala1gerdisobedientdisobedientdisobedientbe ya lau fayofayo tau abidi awaꞌawayagaladi maidana sa ankamkamna. and then he will go to suffer with the disobedient servants.
awelaawelanmangrove fruitmangrove fruitmangrove fruitLebena yai sa loma, oyagi wa, hesana awela ani'anina sa tafutuhui, Gimina yai.They came for it, They came to getthe fruit of a tree called mangrove..
ayaayaQIwe saywe say
aya'ayahandiaya'ayahandi1sorcerersorcerersorcerer2sorcery relatedsorcery relatedsorcery relatedpertaining to sorcery or sorcerer's activitiesov. synayahan2 1tau kobakoba2pwaipwaitauwana 1
aya'ayahannaaya'ayahanna1sorcerersorcerersorcerer2nsorcery relatedsorcery relatedsorcery relatedEdi mesinalina mate, doga aya'ayahanana. In mate fuya ou'ouli dodoga ya gwaligwalinidi.As for their missionary, he was a sorcerer. As for him, he was always spearing people by magic.pertaining to sorcery or sorcerer's activities
ayahan1ayahanSUtabusima2nsorcerersorcerersorcerermate E 'wasabu, pa'ana E siba mate ayahan ya laolaoma.and then I was afraid, because I knew that a sorcerer was coming.Dodoga sa kwade, sa fatubu sa konfesi: Ayahani yo kalawani, yo fawayunu, yo . . . sa fatubu sa konfesi.The people were happy and they began to confess: Male sorcery, female sorcery, killings, and . . ., they began to confess them.ov. synayahan2 1tau kobakoba2pwaipwaitauwana 1
ayahan2ayahanVin1sorcery (to do)sorcery (to do)sorcery, to doov. synaya'ayahandi 2tau kobakoba2pwaipwaitauwana 1ov. synayahan1tau kobakoba2pwaipwaitauwana 12do sorcery (to)do sorcery (to)do sorcery, toDogana mate, fuya tefadi ya lau ya ayahan, na fuya tefadi ya lau-guguyaidi.As for that person, part of the time he went and did sorcery, and part of the time he preached.
ayahan3ayahannghostghostghostWRONG MEANING, THIS MEANS SORCERER, NOT GHOST.
ayanayannironironironNa fuya ou'uli mate seni ya dalu motudi yo ayan ahena yai mate ya dem pwaipwaidi.But he always broke the chains apart and he broke the iron on his legs.
ayawaayawaQI1we saywe saywe say; we.excl say2we saidwe saidwe said3say (we.excl)say (we.excl)say, we.excl4said (we.excl)said (we.excl)said, we.exclSa fati'o, "Ma!" itebom, "Oyagi sa talaimiu e hige?" Ayawa, "Hige'e."They questioned us and said, Here now! Did the trees hit you or not." We said, "They didn't."
ayeeeayeee1interjalasalasalas2EXCLohohoh"Ayeee--, em aba laoma yai agu an'an boludi."Oh, where your come from there i plenty of my food.ov. synayeee!
ayeee!ayeee!interjplease, Aee--please, Aee--please, Aee--ov. synayeee 2