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gable end of a housedobengable end of houseDobedi mate sa ginaulidi, sa lidi be ai pou.They make the gable ends so that they go down at the "porch" end.Formerly the gable end of the house extended past the end of the floor, and the person endered the house by ascending thru the gap which was about 2 feet wide. Nowadays the gable end is like that of a western style house.dobidobingable end of houseKaiyahana mate, waihin ena dobidobi yai ya in.The Kaiyaha tree was growing at the gable end of the woman's house.gable end of house as compared to side of house.
gable end of roofdobeingable end of roof
gables with peakshisu tuhutuhu 2NPgables with peaksEdi ginaginaulina mate, sa abi hisu tuhutuhu.The way it was made, was they made peakd ends.Luma abi hisu tuhutuhu ya ofina.Houses with peaked roofs are finished.
Gadara RegionGadala NuꞌunaNPGadara RegionFuyana Yesu ya mahano lau gabogabo tefana yai, Gadala Nuꞌuna ganahewana yaiWhen Jesus arrived on the other side of the sea/lake, in Gadara region, . . .
GalileanGalelaiya 4nGalilean [the people of the region]Galelaiya 5nGalilean [the regional dialect of Aramaic spoken in Galilee]
GalileeGalelaiya 1nGalilee: the province, the lake, the region, the people, or the languageGalelaiya 2nGalilee [the province or region]Ya liba doha ite, na ya miya moho Galelaiya ganahewana.He spoke like this, but he just stayed on inside Galilee.In ha'a ya mwahuli fuyo, be ya bwa'i, ya lau Galelaiya.He has already come backl to life again, and he has gone first and has gone ahead of you to Galilee.Galelaiya 3nGalilee [the lake, Lake Gennesareth]Yesu ya fuyo Galelaiya Gabogabona sadaina.Jesus went back to the side of Galilee Sea.Galili Gabogabona 2NPGalilee (Sea of)GalilinGalilee Fuyana yai Gawana Heloda, Galili Nuꞌuna tau ita~watanina, Yesu wasana ya atahiyen.When Governor Herod was ruling/looking after the Province/region of Galilee, he heard reports about Jesus.
GamadoudouGamadoudounGamadoudou'E laoma, Gamadoudou yai 'e tulu be'u. ‎And we came to Gamadoudou where we disembarked. Gamadoudou is a "Yaleba" village on the south shore of Milne Bay, which also became the headquarters of the Ulabo Timbre Company.
gamble for somethingaiheya~failako'ediVtrgamble for something (to)ena leli ginauli sa soiyedi, na habahim sa aiheya~failako'edi haba sai esega ya abi.They shared out his things, and then they gambled (lit: play-race) to see who would get one.
gamble for thempeleiyediVtrgamble for them (to)na hiyala tataudi Yesu ena ginauli sa peleiyedi.And the soldiers played (gambled) for Jesus' things.
gamehama1 3DAmoiya1SUyama2ngamehama1 4DAmoiya1SUyama2ngame, wildov. synni'a 1hama2ni'a 3ngame (wild)Hesa hesana Isowa mate, in tau lafulafu ni'a.One of them was named Esau, and he was one who hunted wild game.ov. synhama2
game huntertau lafulafu ni'a 2game hunterHesa hesana Isowa mate, in tau lafulafu ni'a.One of them was named Esau, and he was one who hunted wild game.ov. synlafumaiha
game, wildmwaiha1 3DAmoiya2SUyama3ngame (wild)ov. synni'a 1hama2
gardengabu1 1lau~gabu fuyanatau lau~gabungardenNa bobon hesa, aufa luwaga yo kanuwa luwaga yo, sa abidi gabu yai. . .But the day after that, they took two taro sprouts and two sweet potatoes to the garden. . .Habahim, E lau E lidi laisi gabuna yai.Then I went down to the rice garden.Iyeloma ena gabu.Iyeloma's garden.'E lau ama gabu mate sa bagili.We go to our gardens and they are grassy.Ama gabu ganana mahudo'ina hola.Our garden fence is still not all done.gana1 3SUoya1ngardenTa lau ta paisowa ada gana yai.Let's go work in our garden.
garden foodgabu an'andiNPgarden foodGabu an'andi, bwaha yo wa'amo ya andi.He ate up the garden food, the pumpkins and the corn.
garden harvesterstau lau~gabuina1 1NPgarden harvesters; ones who harvest a gardenMahula laꞌilaꞌi, in moho tau lau~gabuina mate, hige ti ouli.There is a plentiful harvest, however the ones who do the harvesting are not plentiful.
garden workgabu paisowadiNPgarden workTine'eu, umi ena tinamiu ya fanuha bena gabu paisowadi yo tobo fatufatulidi ya fatalahamiu, bena ami awa'abi.Young women, when your mother wants you to work in the garden or orders you to weave a basket, you should obey.
gardenergabu tau maliyahoina 2NPgardenerE fatamalimiu, be gabu tau maliyahoina hudo'i haba ami lau gabuiI sent you so that you would harvest the garden of the one's who worked the garden.gabu tau umahina 1NPgardenerYo fede, gabu tau umahina ya faliba, Then he spoke to the gardenertau umahina 3NPgardener
gardenerstau lau~gabu 2gabu1NPgardeners
gardensgabudi1ngardens (their)
garmentsleli ginaulidi 2ginauli2NPgarments (their)lelidi 2ngarments
gateeda'eda hafohafona 3NPgatehige itawa solasola la'i eda'eda hafohafona yai.we couldn't say (see?) that there is any passage at the doorway.
gather in harvestfwaisi lauVtrgather in harvest (to)“Ae, u saguhigu be agu wa'amo te fwaisi-lau luma.”"Please, help me gather my corn into the (store) room."From {fwaisi} to carry with headbands.
gather it togetherabi gogon 1Vtrgather it together (to)
gather something together,tano~gogoVtrgather something together, (to)Konisela mate Matiu Duba wahana Kelekelemana. In leiba ya tanogogo be ya lauwedi Gumi tefana. The councillor was Matthew Duba and his wife was Kelekelemana. He gatthered the labourers together and took them to the Gumini area. Haba ena anelu ya fatamalidi bwagigi alinana yai, be haba ena fasinabo dodogadi sa tano~gogoidi, Galewa anadan yai, tano'ubu anadan yai.With the sound of his trumpet he will send his angels so that he will gather together his chosen people from the end of the sky to the end of the earth.
gather them togethertano~gogoidiVtrgather them together (to)
gather them upfakasidiVtrgather them up (to)Matiu 13:49tanogogo 2Vtrgather them up (to)Sai laꞌi hige i saguhigu be ai tanogogo mate, in tau anfadabalala.Anyone who doesn't help me when we are gathering (harvesting) is someone who scatters.
gather togethergogo2 3Vtrgather together (to)gogogo 3Vingather together (to)
gather under ones wingsdalidali~gogoVtrgather under ones wings (to)Fuya ou'ouli nanatum E dalidali~gogo doha kamkam tinabawa mate nanatuna ya hoba~tawanidi. In moho umi hige au fanuhagu. All the time I gather your children under my wings like a hen hovering over her chicks. But you do not desire me.
gather, totuhu 2koituhumaVingather, toAna baiwa sa tuhu, be ena lau~faꞌata sa atahi yo bena adi asiyebo ya faloholohodi.His crowds gathered so that they could hear his teaching, and heal their sicknesses.
gathered togetherfa'oigogoma 1Vtrgathered together (to be)Ita pele ekalesiya te fa'oigogoma amaite'i. We the Christian people are gathered together here.
gatheringtano 1Mwakakelo TanotanoVtrgathering (to be)Tau Kaikai oyagi ya tano, ya lau eee--, luma sadaina yai. Tau Kaikai (the man eater) gathered up firewood and kept going until he was bewside the house.“U abigu be tau paisowa ai mulidi, an’an E tano.”Take me so that I (may) be gathering behind your workers.
gazellegasele 1ngazelle
gazellesgasele 2ngazelles"Gasele" doha diya. "Gasele" sa laulautafo yo sa dago hasa ai hewa. Ita'itadi sa loholoho. Gazelles are like deer. Gazelles run and they jump up high. They look beautiful.
GelemalaiyaGelemalaiyanGelemalaiyaHige ai laowa Gelemalaiya, pa'ana bolowada ya wewe.We didn't go to Gelemalaia because the flood came up.9.7.2Name of a place
Gelemalaiya villageGelemalaianGelemalaiya village9.7.2Name of a place
generation to generationhitina - hitinaadjgeneration to generationIte lahai te bena ami nuwatuhui be mata'asina ami ginaginauli hitina - hitina GUYAU debana yai You should remember this day and make a feast for it generation to generation before the Lord.
generationsmulita1 2gerfollowing generation
GenessaretGenesaletanGenessaret, another name for Galilee9.7.2Name of a place
Gennesaret,Genesaleta GabogabonaNPSea of Gennesaret, another name for the Sea of GalileeFuya esega Yesu ya obiꞌobiyo Genesaleta Gabogabona gelegelena yaiOn time Jesus was standing on the beach at the Sea of Gennesaret9.7.2.8Names of oceans and lakes
gentile regionsta'owawa nu'udi 2gentile regions
GerasaGelasa 1nGerasa Yesu maꞌana hewahewali sa dohe Galili Gabogabona yai, be sa duna Gelasa duhu laꞌina sadaina yai.Jesus and his disciples went across the sea of Galilee and came ashore near Gerasa, a big town.Gerasa, a city in Peraea, east of the Jordan9.7.2Name of a place9.7.2.2Names of regions
GeraseneGelasa 2n Gerasene9.7.2Name of a place9.7.2.2Names of regions
get againabi bodai 1Vtrget again (to)
get downtulu be'u 1comp. ofbe'uVinget down (to)
get down from a high place, totulube'u 4Vinget down from a high place (to)U tulu be'u!get down!Na gwama wa ya anyawasi ya ofi, habahim, ya tulube'u, be delena ya ibo.But the boy finished recovering his breath, then he got down [from the platform] and cut off his tail.Fulugam u abi, be ai aba tutu fapatum ni, u tulube'um!Use your strength and come down off from that place where they nailed you (the cross).
get down, totulu be'u lidi 2get down (to)Ana asai ya bahei, na ya tulube'u~lidi, ho'owa yai.He carried his bananas and he went down (the bank) to the river.tulube'u 1Vinget down (to)