kamnakamnaVin1ache (to)ache (to)ache, toLamna fwaufwauna mate te abi be te mama’i, yena mo’ada inidi sa kamna. We get the young (coconut) root and chew it when we have a toothache.2hurt (to)hurt (to)hurt, to‘Wapina mate te oi papa be taulida sa kamna e lisilisida sa kamna mate ai oyagi ala’alana te ladai be ai tauda te fapatudima.We peel off the bark and when our bodies ache, or our ribs have pain then we heat it in a burning flame, and then we plaster it on our bodies.3pain (to have)pain (to have)pain, to haveya kamnait hurts4painful (to be)painful (to be)painful, to be

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