andabu2andabun1tabooed itemtabooed itemtabooed itemIsalaela dodogadi hige gonowana salai ti an. Edi andabu doha. The people fo Israel could not eat pork, their taboo (prohibition) was like that.2fasting itemsfasting itemsfasting items3abstinenceabstinenceabstinence4fastingfastingfastingNa amainiya, hababim, andabu sa fatubu. Edi andabu somo 'wasi'wasina.After that, then, they begin their abstinence, their tabooed items are things with blood.Afterwards the men did not drink water, and they did not eat boiled food,and they did not drink water. Andabu includes other kinds of abstinence besides the fasting from selected foods.ov. synhudi 1

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