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sasasmREtheytheytheyWaihin ma natuna sa lau gabu.A woman went to the garden with her child.ov. syntiov. synti
sa'ana sa'ana n1forks of a tree, forked branchesforks of a tree, forked branchesforks of a tree, forked branches2fork of a river, branches of a riverfork of a river, branches of a riverfork of a river, branches of a riverHo'owa wa gwaluna yai ya fai~sa'ai, sa'ana oulina fati.At its source the river divided into forks, there were four forks (or branches).Sa'a bwa'ibwa'ina mate hesana Pison.The first branch (of the irver) was called Pison.
sa'isa'i1crush?? (to)crush?? (to)crush?? (to)2Nanatum sa matamata'asi, na hwayahwayau la'ila'i ya towa, be luma ya ya'i, yo fede, mahudo'idi sa sa'i, be sa pe'iHis children were feasting and a big wind blew and knocked the house down and all of them were (crushed??) and died.
sa'osa'oVtrpush it, topush it, to
sa'o hiti'isa'o hiti'iVtrpush something together (to)push something together (to)push something together, toYo fede oyagina mate, esega tefa yai, esega tefa yai, esega tefa yai sa sa'o hiti'i, ya ofi.And so, as for his firewood, they pushed one piece on one side, one on another side, and one on the other.
sabatisabatin1sabbath, weeksabbath, weeksabbath, weekov. synSabati 7Sandeiwiki2SundaySunday3weekweek
SabatiSabatin1SundaySundaySunday2sabbath daysabbath daysabbath day3weekweekweek4Sunday (as day of the week)Sunday (as day of the week)SundayNa yau tamagu yo tatau ou'ouli Sabati yai, 'e bebedula bena suwana 'e yo'o, be hige hesa ai tohai.Now on a Sunday my father and all the men went pig netting so they might find a wild pig, but they did not catch anything.Sabati hwalahwalala mate hola begana egu E lau-'u'ula.It was on a Sunday morning, and i just did a bit of my prayers.5sabbath day (as a holy day)sabbath day (as a holy day)sabbathbena somo haba E ita lobahi, pa'ana Sabati E -. [utusi]what might I meet up with, because I [broke] the Sabbath.6Jewish Sabbath day (last day of the week)Jewish Sabbath day (last day of the week)Jewishna Sabati hudo'i yai Yesu ya lau aba oi'oigogo lumana yai be ya fatubu ya lau fa'ata.and on a certain Sabbath day he went to the meeting house (=synagogue) and then he began to teach.7weekweekweekov. synSandeiwikisabati 1
sabisabi1red pigmentred pigmentred pigmentantsaiya'oantafuli1 4antantba'ola 32tree species with red pigment in fruittree species with red pigment in fruittree species with red pigment in fruitNa edi aba uli'uli mate ba'ola, sabi, afuli: sa fa'asidi be sa 'ulidi.But their drawing things were ba'ola, sabi-fruit, and lime, with which they made designs."Sabi" is the fruit of a tree the juices of which are red.; A specimen of this tree grows where Patrick Delemaiya Semosemo lived in 1985, just east of the Ipouli river ans south of the main two-track road.antba'ola 1antsaiya'oantov. synafuli2 1
sadaSU ofbedaES ofbeda
sadainasadainanbesidebesidebesideHige tau la'i sadaina yai, pa'ana bofa ya adidili wananaha.There was no ne next to him, because the stench was very strong.Ana kalahe mate halua. Ai ho'owa sadaidi ya gogogo.It's food is fish @@@, They congregate beside the water.u fagogoma begana, na ibe ya gogoma, oyagi sadaina yai u tole,cool it a bit, but if it is cold, put it beside the fire,antganamuliantganahewa 6antganahewana2antmulina 1antganamulinaantmulina 2anthewana 1anthewana 7antubuna
sadamaisadamainbeside us.exclbeside us.excl
sadasadainasadasadainaadjnearbynearbynearbyYesu wasana ya tadada Diudeya mahudoꞌina yai yo sadasadaina nuꞌudi yai.The news about Jesus spread throughout all of Judea and through the neighboring regions.
sae-saeVin > nRDPRDPRDP
-saesaevgo up (to)go up (to)go up, toov. syn-lau 2-hasa1 1
saesaesaesaeneasteasteastAi tefa saesae hwayahwayau haba ya towa, hesana "bolima"Where the wind blows from the east it is called "Bolima," the East Wind.
saesaenasaesaenaadjhandsome (lit: up)handsome (lit: up)
saeyensaeyenVtrmove something up (to)move something up (to)move something up, to