Buhutu - English


da'i1da'inend of netend of net
da'inada'inanend of netend of netend of netDa'ina hesa ai oyagi sa sofa be haba sa wewe lawen be da'i hesa ya lau ai tefa hesa oyagi yai sa sofa.The tie one end to a tree so they will spread it out, and then the other end goes to another place to tie it to a tree.
da'oda'oVtrbend down??, tobend down??, to
da'oda'oda'oda'oBHdakodako2nrocky beachrocky beachrocky beachUlu hesa ya be'u. Ya alele, be ya lau da'oda'o yai, ya halu hitini.Another fruit fell. It floated and went to the rocky beach, and bumped ashore.
dabalidabaliVtropen wide (to)open wide (to)open wide, toWalagofe wa, mo'ana ya dabali, pa'ana fwalufwalu ya ita.The crocodile opened his mouth, because he saw the frog.
dabalimadabalimantree with long leaves; red in autumn; bark is brown, inner purple barktree with long leaves; red in autumn; bark is brown, inner purple barktree speciestree with long leaves; red in autumn; bark is brown, inner purple bark is used for "tihi." Oro people use for "tapa." flowers red and white; fruit is green color.
dabayaloidabayaloiVtrcarry on one's back, tocarry on one's back, to
dabidabinadabidabina1crippledcrippledcrippled2paralyzedparalyzedparalyzedNa yo fede, tatau fati sa mahanoma, taumoho dabidabina sa baheiyama Yesu lisina.And so, four men arrived, carrying a paralyzed man to Jesus.
dabudabudabudabuVintaboo (to be)taboo (to be)taboo, to beLisina yai E dabudabu, egu an'an esega: Taupofu.It is tabooed for me, my food is only: Taupofu.Also used to tell s.o. that something is forbidden or prohibited, as with poisonous chemicals.
dabudabuledabudabulenorphanorphanorphanov. synhwabuhwabudohadohaikaikaihwabu
-dadatafo~dadaicomp.dobi~dadai1go down to inspect a garden
dadabodadabonsnake varietysnake varietysnake varietyKind of non-poisonous snake with brown and white stripes when young, turning grey and blue when mature. Cats sometimes catch these snakes.
daedaeladaedaelaVinwaste time doing somethingwaste time doing somethingwaste time doing something, toNa ia ya lau ya daedaela. Ya daedaela, maimailafi ya fuyoma. Enaba: "Tinagu, agu be?"But as for her, she went and ??. She ??. then in the afternoon she would come back and say, "Mother, where is my food?"
dafudafuSUyauganraftraftraftAmainiya, asai wa sa oi, na edi dafu sa ginauli.Then they cut down the bananas, and made their raft.Ma hwalahwalalana na ena dafu wa ya au komakomani'i.In the morning he lashed his raft together carefully.Habahim, ya tuba lau ena dafu yai.Then he swam over to his raft.ov. synwaga1 1
dafudafudafudafuadjDescribing the appearance of the throat of the channel-billed Cuckoo.Describing the appearance of the throat of the channel-billed Cuckoo.pattern of a certain qualityGadona ya dafudafuIts throat is ??
dafudafunadafudafunan1rootsrootsrootsov. synlamlamna2rootlets of coconut or other palmrootlets of coconut or other palmrootlets of coconut or other palmfibrous bundle of small roots of coconut (or other palms)ov. synlamlamna
Dafun1DafunESDahuniWSDahuniBBDahunBHDafuniBHDafun2LFDafun2BBDaunin1Dafuni villageDafuni villageDafuni village2Dafuni languageDafuni languageDafuni language3DahuniDahuniDahuniYa sae Dafun yai, sa fati'oi, ediba, "Hine wa fuyo?"She went up to Dahuni, and they questioned her and said, "Where are you going?"Village on the East side of Mullins Harbour, sharing a common dialect with Bonabona Island.