Buhutu - English


abi'inaabi'inaVtrtouch something (to)touch something (to)touch something, toYa lau, ya lau, ya lofo, ya sae ya sae, ya sae yeee--, Ya hanahanau bena Nawalahi ya abi'ina, ...He went and went, he flew, he went up and up and up until-- he drew near so that he might touch the moon, ...na nuwana ganahewana yai iyen, "Ibe ena leli moho E abi'ina, haba E loholoho."and in her mind she said, If I only touch his clothing, I will become well."ov. synabi'ona
abi'inanaabi'inanantouchingtouchingtouchingIn moho, Yesu tau abi'inana mate, hola ya yo'oyo'oiJust one thing, Yesu was still looking for the one who touched him,
abi'onaabi'onaVtrtouch something (to)touch something (to)touch something, toBena Nawalahi ya abi'ona ai nimana adi ya angabu wa, tinunu dubuyadi nimadi yai wa,He might touch the Moon with his hands and coming from what he'd been roasting for them, the palms of his hands were sooty,ov. synabi'inaabi'ina
abi~didinabi~didinVtrhold tightlyhold tightlyhold tightly
abi~didiꞌiabi~didiꞌididi 'strong, tight'Vtrset it firmly (to)set it firmly (to)set it firmly, toE sai tanoꞌubu aba fatubuna ya abi~didiꞌi?Or who set the foundation of the earth strongly?
abi~famahataabi~famahataVtr1reveal somerhing by doing (to)reveal somerhing by doing (to)reveal something by doing, to2show something (to)show something (to)show something, toAbo natumai ena ginauli esa ya abi famahata.Our child will revealing something [to you].famahata1der.Vtrreveal (to)liba~famahata1der.reveal s.th. by speaking
abi~hagahaga.abi~hagahaga.Vintake in excess (to)take in excess (to)take in excess, toTabu au abi~hagahagaDon't take in excess.
abi~hasaiyediabi~hasaiyedidial. var.abi~hasaiedi
abi~hisu~tuhutuhuabi~hisu~tuhutuhuVObjInc1make peaked ends on a house(to)make peaked ends on a house(to)make peaked ends on a house, to2peakd ends (to make)peakd ends (to make)peaked ends, to makeEdi ginaginaulina mate, sa abi~hisu~tuhutuhu.The way it was made, was they made peakd ends.
abi~hitinabi~hitinVtrbump against something (to) ??bump against something (to) ??bump against something, to ??related to "bump against"; e.g. in bump against the shore
abi~loholoho'iguabi~loholoho'iguVtr1do good to me (to)do good to me (to)do good to me, to2treat me well (to)treat me well (to)treat me well, to3treat me nicely (to)treat me nicely (to)treat me nicely, to
abi~nonohaabi~nonohaVtr1get s.th readyget s.th readyget s.th ready2prepare s.th.prepare s.th.prepare s.th.Sa lau sa abi nonoha, be Pekopeko wa ya naha.they went and got things ready, and then Pekopeko waited in ambush.Na emi hiyala dodogadi ti abi nonoha be ti bwa'i,But your soldiers should get ready so they can go first.3get readyget readyget readyEdi waga yai, iti edi hagida sa abi'abi nonohaidi.At their boat they were preparing their netsena waga sa abi nonohai, be tabu dodoga ena paisowa ti eli~dogodogoi.they got the canoe ready, so that people would not break up his work.
abi~nonoha paisowaabi~nonoha paisowa1NPpreparatory workpreparatory workpreparatory work2nwork in preparation for s.thwork in preparation for s.thwork in preparation for s.th
abi~nonohaiabi~nonohaiprepare something (to)prepare something (to)prepare something (to)Sala kalahe ya abi~nonohai, be Abelaham ya felen, be ya lau ya feledi, edi gwa'u ganamulina yai.Sarah got the food ready, and then she gave ir to Abraham, and he went and gave it to them outside the tent.Yo fede hwalahwalala Balam ya obiyo be ena aba~ta'ai donki taulina yai ya abi~nonohai.And so in the morning Balaam got up and he prayered his place for sitting (saddle) on the donkey's back.
abi~nonohaidiabi~nonohaidiVtrprepare them (to)prepare them (to)prepare them (to)
abi~taluhiabi~taluhiput something down (to); put someone down (to)put something down (to); put someone down (to)put down; put someone downHabahim ya lau ya abi-taluhi, ya fawisiya.then he went and put him down and decked him out.
abidiabidiVtr1get them (to)get them (to)get them, to2take them (to)take them (to)take them, to