Buhutu - English


abidimaabidimaVtrbring s.th. hither (to)bring s.th. hither (to)bring s.th. hither (to)Emi ani'ani loholohodi sa ota, na heyaheyayadi ami abidima.Leave your good food behind, but get your bad food and bring it.
abifahiabifahiVtr1remove something (to)remove something (to)remove something, toSatani ya laoma, be libana nuwadi yai abifahi, be ibege ti kawawananaha haba mwahuli ti lobahi.Satan comes and then he removes his word from their minds/hearts, so that they might not believe and find life.2take them out (to)take them out (to)take them out, toNa ema kauli 'e abifahidi. Ema kauli 'e fabandi ya ofi, na 'e fatubu 'e kauli.And we took our fishlines out, and after we had baited our lines (hooks), we began to fish.Bobonna siluba piꞌa luwaga ya abifahidi, be taumana lumana tau~ita~watanina ya felen,the next day he took out two silver pieces (coins) and gave them to the person who looked after the visitors house (inn).3take something off (to)take something off (to)take something off, to
abifahidiabifahidiVtrtake them out (to)take them out (to)take them out, to
abifalaabifalaVtradopted (to be)adopted (to be)adopted, to be
abiguabiguVtrtake me (to)take me (to)take me (to)
abilauabilauVin1take across (to)take across (to)take across, to Maihalana yai, ya abilau Yesu ena leli yai, na maꞌesega, ana asiyebo ya fatautau.At that time she reached out to Jesus garment, and at once here illness ceased.2reach out to (to)reach out to (to)reach out to, to
AbileneAbilenenAbilene; a Roman province which was south of Damascus.Abilene; a Roman province which was south of Damascus.AbileneNa Lusaniya mate Abilene Nuꞌuna BaꞌisanaAnd Lysanias was the ruler of the region (province) of Abilene
abimabimVtrtake you (to)take you (to)take you (to)
abina2abinamaking; doingmaking; doingmaking; doing
abina E ataabina E ataSUabina ie ataBHya siba1Vtrto know somethingto know somethingknow s.th. Pa'ana i'ipa yai te silawa, o te tuhuli, hige gonowana somo abina ta ata.Because when we keep watch at night, when we keep watch, it's not possible for us to know anything.
abina E sibaabina E sibaVtrknow s.th. (to)know s.th. (to)know s.th.Fuyanna yai ma'edi 'e sikulu. Yau hige uli'uli yo fatifatili, hige somo abina ya siba.At that time I did my schooling with them. I didn't know writing or reading. I didn't know anything.
abina ta ataabina ta ataVtrknow something (we)know something (we)know something, weOK, goma wa ya eno pe'i, pa'ana i'ipa yai te silawa, o te tuhuli, hige gonowana somo abina ta ata.Ok, the boy was sleeping soundly, because when we are watching, or keeping watch all night we can't be aware of or know anything.
abina ya sibaabina ya siba1Vtrknow about s.o. or s.th. (to)know about s.o. or s.th. (to)know about s.o. or s.th.2understand s.th. (to)understand s.th. (to)understand s.th. Yau ma-hauhabana [ma-kiukiugu], tamagu hige Yaubada abina i siba.When I was small my father did not know about God.
abiꞌabiabiꞌabiabi1gerdoingdoingdoing<<Haba sidoha egu abiꞌabi?>> <<How will I do it?>>
abiꞌinaabiꞌinaVtrtouch something (to)touch something (to)touch something, toYesu ya fatiꞌo, iyen, "Sai ya abiꞌinagu?"Jesus asked and said, "who touched me?"
abo1BL ofaba2SU ofaba2
abo3aboBBmaka2SUabo5BLabo5DAma'a2Aspect1willwillwill2thenthenthenUma ofi, abo kopina youyou i luhu fiyoi.Planting over, then he put his snake skin back on.
abo5BL ofabo3SU ofabo3