Buhutu - English


'a'a'a'aVtrclean, to beclean, to be
'abi'abi1doingsdoingsdoings2Vinholding on (to be)holding on (to be)holding on, to be3geractivitiesactivities4gerholding onholding on
'abidi'abidiget them, toget them, to
'adidili'adidili1Vinstrong, to bestrong, to be2Vtrstrengthen it, tostrengthen it, to
'afi'afiVtrtuck it in, totuck it in, to
'ai'aiSUaiVtreat something (to)eat something (to)eat something, to
'ala'ala1Vinburning, to beburning, to be2gerburningburning
'ala-'alaVin > VinRDPRDP
'alele'aleleVinfloat, tofloat, to
'amna'amnaVtrfeel good, tofeel good, to
'an'an1Vtreating (to be)eating (to be)eating, to be2Vtreat (to)eat (to)eat, to3nfoodfoodfood4nmeatmeat5nseedseed6gereatingeating
'an-'an1Vtr > VtrHABHAB2gereatingeating
'asi'asiadvback and forthback and forth
'asu'asuVtrsmoking, to besmoking, to be
'ata'ataVtrknow, toknow, to
'atahi'atahi1Vtrcalled, to becalled, to be2gercalled, beingcalled, being
'atiti'atitiVtrrespect, torespect, to
'au'auVtrtie it, totie it, to