Buhutu - English

-na1nsfxhis2nsfxher3nsfxits4nsfxhis; her; its (kinship relationship)5nsfxhis, her, its (body part)6nsfxhis; her; its (part-whole relationship)7nsfxhis; her; its (other closely associated inalienable relationship)8Vtrsfxhim9Vtrsfxher10Vtrsfxit11vdsfxto him12vdsfxto her13vdsfxto it14adjsfxhis15adjsfxher16nsfxhim17adjsfxits18EPCsfxhis, her, its19EPCsfxits20GPCsfxhis, her, its21Qsfxits1s: -gu, 2s: -m, 3s: -na, 1pIN: -da, 1pEX: -mai, 2p: -miu, 3p: -di
*nahalinshort time
-ni1Vin > VtrsfxTR2A suffix which registers an advancement to transitivity from an oblique argument.2DEICTICthat
'obiyoVtr1standing (to be)2stand, to
'ofi1Vtrfinished, to be2nfinish
'oi1preVhit (to)2Vtrhit, to
'oi-Vtr > Vtrpfxhit
'otaVinstaying, to be
'oyowaVinhunt with dogs, to
*papalincheekYena sai ya lau papalinim, papali hesa u felen hinaga.When someone hits you on the cheek, give him the other cheek also.1s papaligu, 3s: papalina, 3p: papalidi
-saevsfxgo up (to)ov. syn-hasa1 1-lau 2
*sagigiVtrgo down, to
*si'oVtr1choose?? (to)2point at?? (to)Joyce Simon has stated that {si'o'ina} means to point at someone or something.
'tamagunfather, my
*tasiVinget up (to)
-tauVtr > VObjIncsfxpeople
-tohaVtr > Vtrsfxcatch (to)
*to'iVtr1greet (to)2thank (to)
-tuhuVtr > Vtrsfxthrowing