Buhutu - English

*dihoVinshake (to)
-dubuv > ???sfxdownhearted (to be)Waihin aho ena fafa'ilala babaga wa hige i mwahiu, be ya nuwa-dubu,The woman was downhearted now that his sign, the croton, was not wiggling.comp.nuwa dubuVinfeel downheartedfeel badly, to
*dubuya1Vinsooty (to be)
'e1smREwe.exclMuliyai 'e sae East Cape 'e sola, haba bagodu sa lau heyaya palapa.Afterwards we went through the passage at East Cape, then the breakers were really going bad.emi wasa begana doha ite, ai ema paisoa mate, ma faihona moho ӥ paisowa.A bit of your news is like this, in regard to our work, we are just working in three places.1s: E, 2s: wa, 3s: ya, 1pIN: te, 1pEX: 'e, 2p: ami, 3p: sa
'e2unspec. var.e1GPCGPC
-'eVin > VtrsfxTR2
'elitaguVtrspear something, to
-'enVin > Vtrsfx1about him2with it
'enoVinlie down, to
-esegahiadvsfx1make as one (to)2endure over time (to)Buka ӥ bui, na usa ea ota-ԥsegahi. yo borowada ya wewe-ԥsegahi hinaga be hige ai paipaisoa,We translate the Book, but the rains have held on, and the floods have continued also, se we are not working.der.ota~esegahi1Vinkeep hanging on (to)
-eyauVreflx > Vreflxsfxitself??
-fahiadvsfxoffBe ya abi-lau, be hige gonowana, na nimana mwahiuna, na ya le'o-fahi,But he reaches out for him, and it is not enough, his hand wiggles and he lunges out.3p: -fahidi
*falaiVtrfry it (to)
*fayoVin1servant (to be)2slave (to be)
-fiVin > VtrsfxTR3