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paddlelefa1 2npaddlelefa2Vinpaddle (to)Wawahin mahudo'idi sa awa sa lefa sa leuma mate, ma, hani'i --, Babaga Hisu mate, sa leu.Then all of the women got aboard and they paddled and they came down to whatchamacallit, to Babaga Hisu (Croton Point) and they went down west.tau wosewose 3gerones who paddlewose1 1Vinpaddle (to)wose2npaddle
paddle across with uswose dohemaidoheVtrpaddle across with us (to)Amainiya, nogeya, ya wose dohemai, be tefa yai.We felt sorry for him, but he paddled us across to the other side.
paddle againlefa bodaVinpaddle again (to)lefa~boda 1Vinpaddle again (to)
paddle itwose1 2Vtrpaddle it (to)
paddle ourselves.inclwose'edaVtrpaddle ourselves.inclHaba eda E lau'u'ula baguna, ai muli habahim 'e wose'eda, te dohe.I will pray first and afterwards we will paddle ourselves across.
paddle some morelefa~boda 2Vinpaddle some more (to)Sa ita'ita fuyo, be Kwawilo Oyana sa ita, be sa lefa-boda eee--, sa ta'i'ili.They looked back, and saw Kwawilo Mountain, so they started paddling again and went around the point.
paddlertau wosewose 2gerpaddler
paddlerstau wosewose 1gerpaddlers
paddleslefa1 1npaddles'E lidi ape yai mate, hige ema lefa, be, yo fede, 'e kewala moho, be 'e lidi.We went down to the canoe slip, and we didn't have any paddles, so we just poled it and went down (toward the west).ov. synkewala1 2kewala2
paddlingwosewoseVinpaddling (to be)
painkamna 3Vinpain (to have)ya kamnait hurts
pain a lotkamna palapa 3Vinpain a lot (to)
painfulkamna 4Vinpainful (to be)
palmgolu1 1nlimbun palm
palm speciesgo'apu 1npalm speciesov. synbeda 1kelakelaantuahwaiya 1haufidaafuli2 1afuli3puyuwa2 2npalm with fan shaped leaves and dark hard trunk.palm with very hard black trunk; used for flooring, axr handles, coconut husking stakes, etc.
palm species used for floors and wallsgolu1 2npalm with hard lighter colored trunk; used for flooring and walls.ov. synbilibili 1gabagabalaididigolu2 1kipa 1
palm treema'i1 3ncoconut palm treeAmainiya, taumoho wa natuna ya ipo, na sa lau, be ma'i pa'ana yai ya fata'ai.then, the man carried the child and they went and he sat him under a coconut tree.
palm tree'stapa'auncrown of palm treetapa'aunancrown, of palm treeTapa'auna ya susu lau atipuna yai. ‎The crown of the tree grows on the trunk.
pantini 2npanTini u gilisi, na beledi ai tele u tole, be ya sese boda ai maihala.Grease the tin, and put the bread on a tray, so that it will rise again in the sun.
pandanushala2npandanus speciesTinana hige gonowana i bahei, yo fede, hala ubudi yai ya simo lawen, na ya lau afulen.BHAAKPTJ, Kapulika Pilipilidaina, (Wild Cucumber Story), Theresa Joshua, Ata'ata, 2006.kaimo2kaimo susunankaim pandanussusuna1 2nnewly emerging prop roots of pandanusBHIP, ca. 1986
pandanus prop rootskaimo susunakaimo2NPpandanaus prop rootsBeyabeyana ulutubu dodogadi mate kaimo susuna sa abi, sa tili, mulina yai haba sa fili be mahina.In the old days, their ancestors would take the pandanus prop roots and strip them, and afterwards they would twist them into strings..
paperpepanpaperPepa hewana yai gaeba yai u tole be gilisi ya didi afulen.Put it in a bowl on top of some newspaper, so the grease can drip away [and drain off].Na ana tapake sitiki luwaga 'e felen, yo ena pepa ma masimasina.We gave him two sticks of tobacco, and paper and matches.
Papua New GuineaPapua NiuginiNPPapua New Guinea
PapuanpwahopwahonPapuan frogmouthPwahopwahoho 1nPapuan FrogmouthNa pwahopwaho, na bui sa faigwanegwaneidi, yo fede ya 'wasabu.But the Frogmouths, and the owls were calling and hooting at one another, and so I was afraid.The male and female of the Pwahopwahho owl look the same. They are a bit big. Tyeir food is insects. they build their nests in the tops of trees. Their eggs are white. The feed by night and sleep by day.
paralleltasigu 7tatasigunparallel cousin younger than egoTasigu aho te ini Ulabo yai ya paipaisowa.Now my younger brother is working for Ulabo.Yau mate, fuya ou'ouli, tatasigu E gaimumuidi sikulu halana.As for me, I always was giving advice to my younger brothers and sisters concerning school.Haba te mata'asi, be te kwade, pa'ana tasim mate ya pe'i, na aho te ya mwahuli;We will feast, and we will be glad, because your younger brother was dead, and nw he is alive.Afatuwahana manadi sa bala. Eno suwai te aniyona bena sa dulu lau tasidi lisina?His older brothers were angry. Wasn't the meaning of his dream that they should bow down to their younger brother?(B v S) younger than ego - younger sibling; MS(s v d) or FB (s v d) younger than ego. I.e., parallel cousin younger than ego
partsTefadinparts (their)
pass someoneipo 2Vtrpass someone (to)Tau tuwaha, tasina ya ipo na, sa gela sa lau gabogabo. The older brother passed the younger and they ran away, and went to the sea.CHECKING QUESTION: NOT SURE OF THIS USAGE. IT COULD BE "CARRY," INSTEAD OF "PASS"
pass someone bytau~bayawaiVtrpass someone by (to)yo fede ya tau~bayawai, be tefa hesa yai ya lau. and thenhe passed him by and went on the other side.
pass throughluhu~solaluhusola2Vinpass through (to)U anpate~adidili haba ai hafohafo kiukiu ni, wa luhu~solaTry hard to pass through the small doorway.
passing though againbayawa~fuyomaVinpassing though again (to come)U ita~watan, na yena E bayawa~fuyoma doha ite, na somo haisa ami fapaisowadi lisina yai haba maisadi E felem.Look after him, and when I come passing through again like this, and whatever else you use (spend) on him, I will give you the amount.
passportpasipotinpassportHola hige lisigu yai pasipoti ti an'etai.They have not yet requested a passport from me.
patchlau~polaNPpatchLau~polana haba ya kiu be tapulitina haba ya falaꞌi. The patch will shrink,and that will make the tear become large.pa'ana lau~pola fwaufwauna haba ya kiu,because the new patch will shrink,lau~polanaNPpatch
patch something, tolau~pola'enVtrpatch something (to)luhuluhu beyabeyana i lau~pola'en,he will (not) patch old clothes,Kaleko senana fwaufwauna ibege kaleko dubudubuna ti lau~polaen. A piece of new cloth should not be used to patch old cloth.
pay attentiontau'ulu 2Vinpay attention (to)Laulau hesa mate, ena bwaibwai sa gaimumu mate bena te tau'ulu be edi liba te lau~watanidi.Another custom is that when the old women give advice we ought to pay attention/agree and follow their advice.
paymentmaisam 2npayment (your.sg)
peaceful-minded persondoga nuwanuwataluna 1NPpeaceful-minded personYena doga nuwanuwataluna luma yai ni ya gogogo, emi nuwatalu ai lebena au toleIf you are stayinginthe housde of a peaceful-minded person, give him your peace.
peak of housepohewa1 2npeak of house
peekti'eVinpeek (to)
peek insideti'e lau 1Vtrpeek inside (to)
peek overti'e lau 2Vtrpeek over (to)
peek-a-boobwakaya 2EXCLpeek-a-booexpression accompanied by a quick motion, used with babies and small children to startle and amuse them.
peeking over the topti'eti'eVinpeeking over the top (to be)Oyagi hudo'i galina yai E ti'eti'e, na Tamagu ena liba yai, be E fuyoma.I was peeking over into the hole of a certain tree, but at the word of my Father, then I came back.
peel itsufiyamasufiVtrpeelit (to)“Tinagu, kapulika agu u sufiyama.” "My mother, peel my wild cucumber."
peel it offoi papapapaVtrpeel it off (to)'Wapina mate te oi papa be taulida sa kamna e lisilisida sa kamna mate ai oyagi ala'alana te ladai be ai tauda te fapatudima. We peel off the bark and when our bodies ache, or our ribs have pain then we heat it in a burning flame, and then we plaster it on our bodies
peel it off, topapa fahiVtrpeel it off (to)