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facematagu 2nface (my)Na in moho, Nawalahi matana o ati'atipuna yai mate piga sa ita-lau, ena an'ota'ota yai.but just one thing, on the face, or middle of the moon they see a horse fly, on his resting place.Yo Yesu matana aba sumana hinaga ya ita, nounouna, na ya ota'ota hudo'i.And he also saw the cloth with which Jesus' head was wrapped, rolled up, and it rested in a separate place.Tamagu, um yo Yaubada matamiu yai E lau pono.My father, I have done wrong before your eyes/face and the eyes of God.
face-up to the skyfafagalewa 1Vinfacing the sky (to cause to be)
faecesko'ena 3nfaeces, onesov. synbidana
fall away, tomuli~suhasuhaVinfall away (to)Yena pilipili sa lau~lobahidi, mate sa muli~suhasuha.When they experience troubles, then they fall away.
fall downbe'u lidiVinfall down (to)Kwatilina mate ya hohoya mate ya pe'i be ya be'u lidi tanohi. But as for the dry frond, it dries up and dies and then it falls to the ground.
falling on one's backfafagalewa 2Vinfalling on one's back (to be)Ya be'u lidi pampe'o yai, yo fede, ya lubi fafagalewa.she fell down from the steps, and then she hit lookng up at the sky.idiomatic usage meaning"to fall flat on one's back."
falsealamipei ala'alamiVinfalse, to beUmi Falesiya dodogamiu mate, kaputi yo disi ganamulidi moho ami kaisu~komokomaꞌinidi, na ganahewamiu mate sa alami.As for you Pharisee people, you wash the outside of your cups and dishes properly, but your insides are (false?)
false peopledodoga bwalabwalamiu 2NPfalse people (you.pl)
familiarkapuwa 1kapuwananfamiliar spiritsSee CHARILE MODEWA'S STORY OF THE ORIGIN OF COOKED FOOD
familyfamili 1nfamily
faminegalamonfamineov. synfuya guliyamcomp.galamo wesawesasagalamo wesawesasacomp. ofgalamoNPfaminena galamo wesawesasa nuꞌu mahudoꞌina ya faheyaya. and a famine caused bad to the whole region.
famousfafahesamai 2gerfamous (being)
fashionlaulau2 3gerfashion
fasten aroundli'o 3Vtrfasten around (to)
fasten garmentli'o 1fasten garment (to)
fasten garment around one's waistli'odi 1Vtrfasten garment around one's waist (to)yo fede oyagi doha kuhou mate lugudi sa hinoꞌidi, be sa liꞌodiand so they strung leaves like fig leaves together and fastened them around their waists.
fasten them togetherfe'idiVtrfasten them together (to)Ininna mate wawahin sa tilidi be edi nogi sa fe'idi be edi li'oli'o. ‎Women split the young green leaves to make their skirts and wrap around themselves.
fasting, to beanꞌandabuVinfasting (to be)In moho, um tau famuli~watanim hige ti anꞌandabu.But your followers do not fast.
fatmomona 1nfatmomona-nfat
favoriteagu pe'i 1pe'i2pe'i5IDIOMfavorite (my)pe'i5agu pe'iIDIOMfavoriteYau fuyanna mate, miti ox-palm te agu pe'i, na in moho, hige begana ya an. At that time Ox and Palm tinned meat was my favorite, but I was not able to eat any.
favorite foodagu pe'i 2pe'i2pe'i5IDIOMfavorite food (my)Yau fuyanna mate, miti ox-palm te agu pe'i, na in moho, hige begana ya an.As for me, at that time, my favoirte food was ox-palm tinned meat, but just one thing, I couldn't eat a bit of it.
fear'wasabu1nfearAbela wa ya taumoho la'ila'i na 'wasabu wa otana moho,Abela is an adult man but the fear still just stays on.'wasabu2 1faꞌwasabudiVinfear (to)'wasu'wasabu1nfear
fearful of them'wasu'wasabu watanidiVtrfearful of them (to be)
feastfafanahi mataꞌasinanahimata'asi2NPmarriage feastGonogonowana doha fayofayo tau abidi sowasowalidi edi baꞌisa ya lau fafanahi mataꞌasina yai, na sa bagi~watan. In the same manner as with ready-to-go servants, their big man goes to the wedding feast, and they wait for him. feastnfeastmata'asi1Vinfeast (to)Doga hesa hesana Alalai, ena nu'u yai mate sa mata'asi.At the village of a certain man named Alalai they had a feast.Mata'asi la'ila'i sa ginauli, abo Nunumai ena beda: sinau esebo. Oulalapa ena beda: sinau esebo.They had a big feast. Nunumai had one bunch of four betelnuts; Oulalapa had one bunch of four betelnuts.Haba te mata'asi, be te kwade, pa'ana tasim mate ya pe'i, na aho te ya mwahuli;We will feast, and we will be glad, because your younger brother was dead, and nw he is alive.ov. synan'an~gogo2mata'asi2BHan'an gogonafafanahi mataꞌasinanfeastLumadi mate, babada edi aba oi'oiliba yo edi mata'asi ainiya sa oilibaedi.As for these houses, they were where the "big men" held their disucussions, and they discussed their feasts there.Afa~efagu ee--, Yesu edi fuya tohaina maihonana yai, Ite mata'asi te /o an'angogo te ya fatabu.My relatives, at the time when they captured Jesus, in the night, this feast or eating together began.
feastingyaweyawesaan'an~yaweyawesaVinfeasting (to be)
fecesko'e2 1nfeces
fed uptausi'ololo 3si'ololoVinfed up (to be)
feed somethingsuiVinfeed something (to)Yau hidagu hesa, ini mate lafumaiha (= lau fumwaiha) yai ya sibasiba-wananaha. Ya salai toha, ya galasi, ya kauli, ya fa'oyowa, ya naha, ya sui, ya oiyalati.As for my brother he really understand hunting and fishing: he catches pigs, he dives with goggles, he fishes with hook and line, he hunts with dogs, he sets snares, he puts out bait, and he X's.Here {sui} means to "set out bait" for catching wild game.
feel impatienttau~si'ololo 1si'ololoVinfeel impatient (to)Eda'eda yai sa laulau ee–, sa tau~si'ololo.They went along the road until they became impatient/tired.
feel lazytau~si'ololo 4si'ololoVinfeel lazy (to)
feel somethingfahoina 2Vtrfeel something (to)Em fanatu fuyana yai, haba kamkamna la'ila'i wa faho'ina.At your time of giving birth, you will experience great pain.
feel terriblefanuha heyaheyayaVinfeel terrible (to)Ena pe'i mate ya fanuwa heyaheyayaHis death felt terrible.
feel tiredtau~si'ololo 3si'ololoVinfeel tired (to)
feetahegu1 4SUae-guBBkae-guDAae-guBHahegu2nleg and foot (of person)
fellowstataudi 3nfellows
femalekokanbird of Paradise (female??)Atai'a Tiyai yo Koka nene hudohudo'i ou'oulina 43 na begana haba ou'oulina 35 mate Papuwa Niugini yai sa miyamiya. ‎Birds of Paradise and and Koka (female bird of paradise) of various type are in number are 43, and close to 35 kinds are living in Papua New Guinea.tau lau~fayofayo waihinna 2gerfemale servant or slavetinabawa1nfemale (not mle)Bina tinabawana ana uli'uli mate dubadubana, kafukafu delena yai na matana ya dubadubana.The female hornbill's markings are black with a white tail. She has has black eyes.Yau kamkam tamowanana; haba kamkam tinabawadi sa laulau watanigu.I am the rooster; the hens will follow after me.Suisui hudo'i-hudo'i tinabawa yo tamowana ya ginaulidi.He made the various kinds of animals, female and male.anttamowana1waihin1 2BLhoifini; oifiniDAwaihin2BNsine2DAwaini2SUsine2BHwaihin2LFwaifini2nfemaleWaihin be taumoho hesadi Kalolokau na nenedi gonogonowadi.the female and the male of the Blue-winged Kookaburra are both called Kalolokau, and they look the same.ov. synbwaibwai 1
femalestinabawa2nfemalesnanigoti tamotamowanadi uli'ulidi, botobotodi yo tinatinabawadi uli'ulidi, botobotodi yo bwalibwali safutidi hinaga ya lawe~hudo'iyedi The male goats with markings and spots and the females with markings and spots and the ones that were two-colors, he took to a another location.
female'shida 3nsister (of female){Hidagu} my companion, or friend, is also used as a word for a male's brother or a female's sister, or for other kinship relations such as one's spouse. See more extended entry for {hidagu}.
feral piggege1 2salainferal pig {Gege} is a domesticated pig or other animal which has gone wild again.ov. synsuwana 1
ferry manPeliman 2nferry manIn saga tau itawatanina. Hesana Peliman. In dodoga tau fadohedi, ai gebo.He looks after the river. he is named Ferryman. He's the one who gets people across in a dugout canoe.
ferrymanPeliman 4nferryman
FerrymanPeliman 3nFerryman
fever, to haveatuꞌuhiVinfever (to have)Saimon botiyana waiwaihin mate, ya atuꞌuhi.Simon's mother-in-law had a fever.
fibrelulutilulutinancoconut fibreLulutina mate tapa'au edi aba susu lau bagabagadi yai ya susu be ya fakou hafiti.As for the fibre mesh, it is the place where the crown grows out at the leaf stems, and the mesh covers it tightly.{Ma'ima'i lulutina}is the strong brown fibre mesh which forms around the base of new coconut leaves; it is used for straining other matter from liquids. It is also used for starting fires. coconuts1.5.5Parts of a plantlulutina, ma'ima'iNPcoconut fibre{Ma'ima'i lulutina}is the strong brown fibre mesh which forms around the base of new coconut leaves; it is used for straining other matter from liquids. It is also used for starting fires. coconuts1.5.5Parts of a plantma'ima'i lulutinaNPcoconut fibre{Ma'ima'i lulutina}is the strong brown fibre mesh which forms around the base of new coconut leaves; it is used for straining other matter from liquids. It is also used for starting fires. coconuts5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation1.5.5Parts of a plant
fight againhiyala~fuyoi 1-fuyoihiyalaVtrfight again (to)Nu'u hesa ibege i lau nu'u hesa i hiyala~fuyoiOne country will not go and fight against another again
fight against oneselfhiyala~fuyoi 2-fuyoihiyalaVreflxfight against oneself (to)Ibe Satani ya hiyala~fuyoi, haba sidohana ena aba baꞌisa ena adiꞌadidili?If Satan fights against himself, how will the place he rules (his kingdom) be strong?
fill soemthing upfamohafu 1Vtrfill something up (to)
fill someone upfamohafu 4Vtrfill someone up [as with the Holy Spirit]Yo fede, dodoga boludi sa fa'oigogoma, be luma sa lau fafamohafu,And so lots of people gathered together hitherward, so that they filled up the house,Yesu Yolidan Ho'owana yai ya fuyoma mate, Yaluwa Tabuna ya famohafu,Jesus came to the Jordan River, and the Holy Spirit filled him.
fill up a containerfamohafu 2Vtrfill something up [as a container]Wananahana mate, maisa la'ila'i haba ami abi, loholoho la'ila'i, ya tabuliwama ai nimamiu--, be--, nimamiu sa mohafu.Truly you will receive a big payment [reward], that will be poured into your hands, so that, your hands will be full.
fill up a locationfamohafu 3Vtrfill something up [as a location]Ite wawaya te edi luma, e hige'e? Sa laoma be eda luma sa famohafudi te?Do these guys have houses or not? They come and fill our houses here?Tanohi ubuna yai, ho'owa sa kalakalamahano hasaema, be tano'ubu mahudo'ina mate, bolowada sa famohafu.From underneath the ground the waters were arriving and coming up, and so the whole world was filled by the flood.