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eachhesa1 4DETeach
each and every onehesa - hesa 1Qeach and every one
eagerly show interest in someoneliba~fatausae 2Vtreagerly show interest in someone (to)NOT YET ATTESTED IN BUHUTU, but derived from SUAU. 2017-10-23
Eagle speciesmagesubu 1nEagle species
earsfafabeyamiuhaving earsFafabeyamiu au ata'atahi komakoman!Having your ears, you listen carefully!
ears prick upbeyagu sa tiletilele 1tiletileleIDIOMears prick up (my)
earthtano'ubu1 1SUtano'ubu2tanohinearth1.2World1.2.1Landtanohi 4tano'ubu1nearth
earthquakemwanu'unu'u 1nearthquake
eatan'an2 1an'an~yaweyawesaVtreat (to)kaiVineat (to){Kai} is used in other Suau lects such as Logea and Saliba.kalahe1 1Vineat (to)Habahim, mahudo'idi sa kalahe eee-- bogadi sa iya'iya.Then, all of them ate and ate until their bellies were full.kalahe~esega
eat a mealan'an~yaweyawesayaweyawesaan'an2Vineat a meal (to)In ma'ana hewahewali sa an'angogo, sa an'an~yaweyawesa.He ate together with his disciples, having the "supper" together.{An'an~yaweyawesa} is the term traditional used for the "last supper."
eat between meals, tomwahiboVineat between meals (to); snack (to)comp.an mwahibo2
eat in the nightan i'ipaan2i'ipa1Vineat in the night (to)"O, fuya ou'ouli afatinamai fede edi abi'abi doha. Na' e an 'i'ipa.Oh, that's it! our mother always do like this, and we eat in the night.
eat itani 2Vtreat it (to)kalahe1 2Vtreat it (to)kalahe~esega
eat it all upan ma'uda 1Vtreat it all up (to)Hwalahwalala sa lau bu'a. Ya ofi 'e an ma'uda. In the morning they cooked food, ‎and when they had finished cooking it, we ate it all up.an'anni'iVtreat it all up (to)Ginauli hesa tahali yai bigabigana E an'anni'i be ibege ginauli hesa tahali yai ti in ai tahali mahudo'ina be ti fakou. I eat up anything on the reef which is soft, so that nothing (like that) might grow on the whole reef and cover it up.
eat somethingan2 1an i'ipaVtreat something (to)Ya laoma, aho natuna wa, ya felen. Ya an.She came, now then she gve it to her child. He ate it.Ana kalahe mate oyagi dubudubudi yo iwai seinadi yo oyagi uludi ya andi.As for Its food, what it eats is tree @@@@, fragments of shells and fruit from trees.ani 1Vtreat something (to)Ena wa ita, na ya mwahiu tau, mate Buluhagalagala ya anigu.If you see it and it has stopped quivering, then Buluhagalagala has eaten me.Ena wa lau, Tau Kaikaitau haba ya anim.When you go, Tau Kaikaitau will eat you.
eat something all upani'i 1Vtreat something all up (to)ov. synan fa'ofiya an ya ofian ofi'i
eat something upan ma'uda 2Vtreat something up (to)ov. synani'i 3an fa'ofiya an ya ofian ofi'i
eat sugarcanean wa'aliwa'aliVObjInceat sugarcane (to)Yau E lau, wa'ali luwaga E pwaidi, tinagu ana be yau agu, na 'e an wa'ali.I went and broke off two sugarcane stalks, one for my mother and one for me to eat and we were eating sugarcane.
eat them all upan~fa'ofidi3Vtreat them all up (to)
eat togetherkalahe~esegakalahe1Vineat together (to)Taumoho te yo tau laulau~heyaya dodogadi ya yoga~hitinidi, yo maidana sa kalahe~esega! This man welcomes people who are sinners (bad people) and he eats together with them!
eat up until it's finishedan fa'oficomp. offa'ofiVtreat up until it's finished (to)"Dodoga mahudo'idi ha'a E an fa'ofidi, na um te, somo yai wa laolaoma?"I" have already eaten up all of the people, but you here, where do you come from?"ov. synani'i 3an ma'uda 2ya an ya ofian ofi'iov. synya an ya ofian ofi'iov. synya an ya ofian ofi'iani'i 1
eatingan'an2 2an'an~yaweyawesagereatingan'andi2gereating (their)Iti hola ma an'andi na Yesu aleto ya abi, ya u'ula~baguna, habahim ya ifi. While they were still eating, and Jesus took the bread and prayed first, and then he broke it.annagereating (its)
eating prawnsan walahisaVObjInceating prawns (to be)Ye mahano, mate nanatugu nuwadi sa amna, pa'ana haba sa an walahisa. Na itiyen, ‎I arrived, and my children felt very happy because they would be eating prawns.
edgeduduna 1nedgehatahata dudunathe edge of the table/shelf.
edible possessed itemagu 2EPCmy (edible possessed item)"Ae--, em aba laoma yai agu an'an ou'ouli."Please, where you come from, there is plenty of my food."
edible possessiona-1 1one's edible possessionph. v.a-2
eggkatino2 1neggpou3neggpouna 5negg (its)The word for "egg" in Suau is {pou}, and is sometimes used instead of the Buhutu word {katino}.
egg, itskatinona 1negg (its)
eggskatino2 2neggskatinoguneggs (my)Katinogu haba sa ota begana doha nawalahi luwaga habahim sa oi'oigolu.My eggs remain there for a bit, like two months, and then they crack open.
eggs (of bird)katinona 2neggs (of bird)Katinona la'ila'i na ida'idahena. Ya katino haba luwaga mohoIts eggs are large and green. It will lay two eggs.
eggs (of snake)katinona 3neggs (of snake)Weso wa ya fuyoma katinona ya yo'o asahaidi.The snake came back and searched in vain for her eggs.
elbownimagu talatalamonanelbow, my
eldertau tuwaha 1tuwahatau1NPelder childFuyana yai mate, tau tuwaha, in ya paipaisowa gabu yai. At that time the elder child was working in the garden.tau tuwaha 3tuwahatau1NPelder siblingtuwaha 1tau tuwahanelder siblingTau tuwaha tasina ya ipo na, sa gela sa lau gabogabo. The older brother passed the younger and they ran away, and went to the sea.tuwaha 2tau tuwahanelder brothertuwaha 3tau tuwahanelder sister
elder brothertau tuwaha 2tuwahatau1NPelder brother
elder daughtertau tuwaha 4tuwahatau1NPelder daughter
eldersbabada 4badaneldersAfa-tamagu yo egu babada mahudo'imiuAll of you, my fathers and my uncles"O, afatamagu yo egu babada mahudo'imiu, bobon ada oyagi esega te, te oi.Oh, my fathers and my uncles, all of you. Tomorrow we chop this one tree here.Mabada, babada sun sa ginaulidi.Long ago, our elders made houses called "Sun."Lumadi mate, babada edi aba oi'oiliba yo edi mata'asi ainiya sa oilibaedi.As for these houses, they were where the "big men" held their disucussions, and they discussed their feasts there.
ElijahIlaidiyanElijahIlaidiya yaluwana yo ena gigibwali yai haba ya bwaꞌi Guyau nuwanuwana yai,In the spirit of Elijah and in his power, he will go first, befores the Lord.
embarkgelu 4Vinembark (to)
embark firstgelu bwa'i 1Vinembark first (to)Dibisi, um u gelu bwa'i.Dibusi, you get on board first.
embark in themgeluidi 2Vtrembark in them (to)
emberstau'ala 1nembers (burning)na tamagu ema oyagi waluluhana tau'ala E abi.And I got my fathers firestick with its burning embers.na in tau'ala yo nigo ya abidi, na sa lau luwaluwaga.And he (Abraham) got his firestick and his knife and the two of them went together.
embryoma'ima'i unonaNPcoconut embryo{Ma'ima'i unona} is actually the endosperm which forms inside the nut as it sends out its sprout. It is round-shaped and attached to the new shoot where it emerges from one of the eyes. It has a texture like that of a watermelon, and usually tastes quite sweet. coconuts1.5.5Parts of a plantunona, ma'ima'iNPcoconut embryo{Ma'ima'i unona} is actually the endosperm which forms inside the nut as it sends out its sprout. It is round-shaped and attached to the new shoot where it emerges from one of the eyes. It has a texture like that of a watermelon, and usually tastes quite sweet. coconuts1.5.5Parts of a plant
emergesusu1 2susu fiyofiyoVinemerge (to)Nibele wa ahena sa susu.The tadpole's legs formed.Ya lau wee--, nimana hinaga sa susu.Time went by, and its arms also formed.
encounter something or someonelobahi 4SUlobaiBH ofloba'iVtrencounter something or someone (to)Na ema aba lau yai na, Lalasi o hwayahwayau heyayana 'e lobahi.But as we were going we encountered a Lalasi wind, or a bad windstorm.
encouragementliba~fa'adidiliadidili1liba2gerwords of encouragementLiba~fa'adidili yo fanuwa~hiti.Words of encouragement and celebration.{Liba~fa'adidili} are words which cause one to become strong.
enddainada'i2nend (its)be da'i hesa ya lau ai tefa hesa oyagi yai sa sofaThen the other end goes to the other side and is tied to a tree.duduna 2nendubena loiloina ai difigu haba wa au. Na duduna haba wa abi~didin. You will tie the twisted rope around my waist. And you will hang on tightly to the its end.duhunanend (its)ofina 2gerend or finish (of a current activity)Mate emi wasa falifalihuna. Mate egu nuwatuhu ofina.That is your new report, and that is the end of my thoughts.
end of netda'inanend of netDa'ina hesa ai oyagi sa sofa be haba sa wewe lawen be da'i hesa ya lau ai tefa hesa oyagi yai sa sofa.The tie one end to a tree so they will spread it out, and then the other end goes to another place to tie it to a tree.
end or finishofina 3gerend or finish (of a period during which an activity took place)Luma abi hisu tuhutuhu ya ofina.Houses with peaked roofs are finished.
endedofi2 2Vinended (to be)
endinganadan 3nendingmwahuli hige anadan!life without end!gwalugwalugunending (my)Egu sulu ya ofi ya laulau logena, gwalugwalugu sa bobodiyen. In moho dodoga haisa, sa wunuwunuimai.My "clan" is finished, that's all my "ending" they are protecting it. But just onething, some people are still killing us.ofi'ofina 4gerending (its)
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