English – Vernacular


ascendtamahitiVinascend (to)welafi 1Vinascend (to)ov. synfinahe 1hasai 1
ascend (a mountain or steep slope)finahe 3finahe hitimaimailafi ya finaheVinascend (a mountain or steep slope) (to)
ascend again quicklytamahiti fiyo heuheulaVinascend again quickly (to)na hige lofana, na yawasigu ya tupo, yo fede, ye tamahiti fiyo heuheula, be ye pohe.and it wasn't very long until my breath was short, so I quickly ascended and I surfaced.
ashesafusana 1nashes (its)
ashoredunaVinashorxe (to go)
ask a question, tofati'o2 1fatifatiꞌoidifatiꞌo~manamanabala~lauVtrask a question (to)
ask himfati'oi 3Vtrask him (to)
ask in vainfati'o gaibuVtrask in vain (to)Hidagu, hige sai la'i ya sibai, na in moho, haba E fati'o gaibu.My friend, I don't know anyone here. I'll just have to ask without any hope//ask in vain.
ask question of someonefati'oi 2Vtrask question of someone (to)Na license hinaga maisana wa fati'oi, be haba egu leta wa uliyama,But you ask about the cost of a license, and then write me my letter.
ask someone something,fati'oi 1Vtrask someone something (to)
askingfatifati'oifati'o1Vtrasking (to be)Be ya lau luma hesa, doha. na sa fatifati'oi, be ena luma ya mahano. Then he went to another house, like that. And thus they were questioning him, and then he arrived at his own house.
atai1 1Prepat
at oncema'esegaCOMat once
at what time?atasi som 2WH-Qat what time?
attack them, totulufi~lawediVtrattack them (to)adi waiyunu sa tulufi~lawedi Edelei nu'una yai.Their enemies attacked them in the region of Edrei
attempt somethinganpatei 2Vtrattempt something (to)Sa aulaha be luwaga wa, imo wa sa anpatei.they set at it, and so the two of them, they tried that taro.
Au'autaAu'autanAu'autaHige walolona na nu'una 'e mahano. Nu'una mate hesana Au'auta. ‎It wasn't very long after that we arrived at that place. ‎The place was called Au'auta.Au'auta is the name of a small village or hamlet in the Suau Coast area (between Saga'afo and Sawaiha?).
auntiesafa tinagu 2naunties, myafa-tinagumy mothers and auntiesBena afa-tamamiu afa-tinamiu ai paisowa ami saguhidi.You should help your parents at their work.
automobilemotuka 2nautomobile
awaiting someone, to bebagibagiyen 2Vtrawaiting someone (to be)ya ofi. Na esega moho ya bagibagiyen, mate in tau aiyunu.It was finished, but he kept waiting just a bit more, as that one was a killer.
axeilamanaxeMwakakelo Tanotano wa, tamana wa, ilama ya bahei, Tau Kaikai gadona ya ibo.Mwakakelo Tanotano, his father, took his axe and cut Tau Kaikaitau's throat.{Ilama} were formerly made of polished obsidian, but now of steel.